Two years ago, sisters Angela and Xhulia became infatuated with the evil eye jewelry laid out on flea market tables all over Turkey. This ancient talisman has been worn for hundreds of years all across the Mediterranean and Middle East to protect against those who wished harm against others. Though the meaning still resonated with the sisters, they found themselves wanting more out of this ancient symbol. Why couldn’t it be updated to suit the modern aesthetic, while still exercising its positive mystical properties? This idea was the seed that eventually grew into Eyelavish!

To bring their idea to life, Angela and Xhulia sought the help of Turkish jewelry manufacturers, many of whom have been making evil eye jewelry by hand for decades. The sisters wanted to ensure that they breathe new life into the evil eye without compromising the artfulness, authenticity, and rich history of their product.

They then brought their little slice of Turkey to the melting pot of NYC. Viola! Eyelavish became a reality!

Eyelavish offers handcrafted evil eye jewelry in a more upscale, luxurious form that goes far beyond the traditional blue glass eye. Inspired by the lush vibrancy of the Mediterranean, all of Eyelavish’s products come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit anyone’s tastes. These pieces make for lovely fashion accessories, protectors of your spirituality, or thoughtful gifts for someone you care about.

Match the versatility of our products with our exceptional service, and you have yourself one fine shopping experience!